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Birth Of An Idea

"From growing up in the rural town of Martinsville, Virginia, to being a business owner in Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles, I know without a doubt that the entrepreneurial journey is drastically different based on where you are...


Small, rural communities are often overlooked in the media, even when producers set out to showcase the importance of small businesses.


I wanted to change that narrative.


Small businesses make a BIG investment, especially in a small community."


- Natalie Hodge


Rudy's Girl Media is a black woman-owned multimedia company based in Southern Virginia. We strive to create quality content that makes a difference in the lives of others by creating a space for open conversations. 

Rudy's Girl Media presents a new web-reality series, HOMETOWN HU$TLE!

Following the journey of fearless entrepreneurs who voraciously dare to dream a different dream in Martinsville, Virginia, and who are not afraid to risk it all to make it happen.


Each episode reveals new trials and triumphs in their entrepreneurial adventure – realizing that being your “own boss” isn’t always glamorous!


Natalie K. Hodge is the show's Host and Devin Pendleton is the larger-than-life Producer.

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Whether you left your job, your job left you or you sense a transition in the near future, Natalie Hodge's
From Unemployed to Unstoppable: A 30-Day Transformation Guide will help you make sense of career confusion and chaos.


Ever said, “there has to be something more for me in life than this?” If so, start the 30-day journey today to find what more really is.


I wrote this book to provide readers with an accessible process based on actual workforce development and career coaching experience. I hope this approach helps individuals at every phase of their career exploration journey tackle transition anxiety and discover joy.
Daily exercises keep procrastinators and those easily distracted plugged into a month-long system that produces results!

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