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Hometown Hustle Guide

Simple Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

The feel-good reality series, Hometown Hustle, has inspired people across the globe to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Creator, producer and host Natalie K. Hodge authentically connects with a diverse range of small business owners because she genuinely understands the highs and lows of entrepreneurships. 

Whether you're ready to dig into your hustle or you are still trying to figure out what your hustle might be, this guide is for you!


Personal Insight

Gain tips and suggestions from experienced business owner, Natalie K. Hodge, who cleverly weaves her personal entrepreneurial journey throughout the book. She shares her successes and failures for a realistic perspective of business ownership.


Inspiration Logs

Each chapter ends with journal prompts for you to engage with the content and prepare your hustle journey. Take notes in the margins and respond to the questions in the Hustle Inspiration Logs to fully reflect on the chapters' topics.


Expert Advice

Author Natalie K. Hodge has compiled information from dozens of small business owners, entrepreneurial ecosystem supporters, economic developers and local government to provide the absolute best advice for starting or building a small business.



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